Back in Vienna!

18 01 2013

We savely arrived in Vienna.
We enjoyed our stay very much! Thanks to everybody for the good cooperation and the great time in Burkina Faso!

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Some group pictures:

Some last impressions of our stay in Burkina Faso:

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P.S.: We finally caught more than 18.000 fish in about 150 habitats.


16 12 2012


Update from Bufaso

9 12 2012

Yesterday we returned from Bobo and Banfora which is located in the south-west of the country. It was an incredible nice week.

We stayed at a  camp and slept in a tent and a hammock.

We visited a sacred baobab-tree which is guarded for more than 300 years. It was hollow inside with space for about 20 people.

We rented two Chinese KTM-motorbikes for a few days to explore everything.

The Cascades next to Banfora are one of the nicest sights we have been so far. We really enjoyed the hole ambient and to take a swim in the clear whirlpools of the waterfalls.

We explored the Sindou Peaks which are huge sandstone formations and the Domes de Fabedougou, 1.8 billion old rock formations. Both sides were really nice and good climbing spots.

Friday we spent in Bobo-Dioulasso, the second biggest city in Burkina Faso, to do some sightseeing. The grande mosquee was really impressing. But also the old-city was quiet interesting.

Next week we are heading to Nazinga, for our last sampling week. We are looking forward to see some wildlife there.


30 11 2012

We just returned from Bagre. It was a nice, but tiring week. Tomorrow we leave to Bobo and Banfora for vacation.

Working progress and some more pics

25 11 2012

Another week finished.

We already caught more than 10.000 fish in 100 habitats. This week we spent 3 days in Kougri and Zigga for some more sampling. Thursday and Friday we determined the sampled animals. It took some time, but now we are already familiar with most of the families and species.

We are looking forward to the next week in Bagre, where we will stay for 4 nights.

Comments on photos:

On Friday we also visited a secondary school where Idrissa is giving some lectures. Check out the pics to see 80 students sitting in one classroom.

Yesterday we were invited to a 4 hour mass at a kind of orphanage.  What should I say? It was really nice see the people praying, singing and dancing! However, one hour would have been enough, mainly because we were sitting next to the loudspecker which were switched on maximum… Haleluja

Sebi and Tom went to a hairdresser to get a haircut.

The big fish Sebi and Paul are posing with was grilled for dinner.  It was delicious…  (some more pics will follow)

The car is loaded with all the stuff we need for sampling.

Its all about food…

25 11 2012

A short summary of what we eat all the time.

Breakfast: At sample days we have breakfast at our hostels restaurant. See the picture with Tom. We have some tea, baguette, scrambled eggs, mango jam and honey.  At the weekend we go the market and buy some fruits like Ananas, papaya or mango and yoghurt.

For lunch we AWLAYS have some sardines with bread and a coke or beer when we are in the field. We all can’t see them anymore.

There are also sandwiches with fish or minced meat at every corner.

Dinner varies a lot. Most of the time we go to a restaurant next to the street where they serve rice and couscous with 3 different sauces, tomato, onion and groundnut. Just on the other side of the street there is ‘le cafe des amis plus’, where they make really god heart and liver skewers. The old man who prepares them is an artist at the grill. As of late he also prepares us some vegetable skewers which are delicious!

About twice a week we cook by our own to get some more vegetables into our menu. We already had vegetable soup anda few times spaghetti with sugo.

Once a week we go to an “expensive” restaurant. Prices are about the same than in Austria. We already tried some antelope, frogs, really good pizza and so on.

Of couse this is not all, but gives you an idea about our daily consumptions.


22 11 2012

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Last weekend we spent a day in Bazoule to sacrifice a chicken to the holy crocodiles, but see for yourselves…