Time runs by

11 11 2012

After 4 weeks in Burkina Faso we caught more than 4000 fish und collected thousands of benthic invertebrates.

We just finished another 3 days sampling in Koubri and 2 days determining in the Laboratory.

Due to limited Internet access its hard to keep you up to date (This is my 4th attempt), but here are some pics.

Some comments to the photos:

Reception and entrance of our hostels restaurant.

Children here are incredible cute.

Its getting cold here, only 30 degree and people start to wear jackets and beanies.

On one picture you see us waiting somewhere for something for some reasons…

Some fisherman use frogs as a bait.

The man in blue on the truck is our fisherman called dumdum.

Idrissa loves Yam, the thing looking like a big potato.



One response

12 11 2012

coole pics – like the one with the turtle! take care and be aware of the crocodiles 🙂 greetings from vienna

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