Some more pics

15 11 2012

Just finished our last samples in Koubri and in the Nakambe. Today and tomorrow we have a lot of lab-work to do…

Looking forward to the weekend, we will visit some holy crocos!

Comments on photos:

Agama waiting for moskitoes

Daniel playing the Kora, a traditional instrument, repaired for Thomas after being destroyed by intense nightlife.

A baobab, fruits sadly not ready yet…

DumDum, the most stylish fisherman ever

Paul; after the electric catfish took revenge

Pausenpanorama after too much sun

Sebi, Ghostbuster style

Local fishing method with a bottle

Both our rooms are habitat for a Gecko: we call them Andi and Otto, because we miss them a lot 🙂

We get some new suits from a dressmaker, he is just measuring Paul.



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