Its all about food…

25 11 2012

A short summary of what we eat all the time.

Breakfast: At sample days we have breakfast at our hostels restaurant. See the picture with Tom. We have some tea, baguette, scrambled eggs, mango jam and honey.  At the weekend we go the market and buy some fruits like Ananas, papaya or mango and yoghurt.

For lunch we AWLAYS have some sardines with bread and a coke or beer when we are in the field. We all can’t see them anymore.

There are also sandwiches with fish or minced meat at every corner.

Dinner varies a lot. Most of the time we go to a restaurant next to the street where they serve rice and couscous with 3 different sauces, tomato, onion and groundnut. Just on the other side of the street there is ‘le cafe des amis plus’, where they make really god heart and liver skewers. The old man who prepares them is an artist at the grill. As of late he also prepares us some vegetable skewers which are delicious!

About twice a week we cook by our own to get some more vegetables into our menu. We already had vegetable soup anda few times spaghetti with sugo.

Once a week we go to an “expensive” restaurant. Prices are about the same than in Austria. We already tried some antelope, frogs, really good pizza and so on.

Of couse this is not all, but gives you an idea about our daily consumptions.



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26 11 2012

no chicken?

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